The Lucky Plumber

Photo of The Lucky Plumber
Photo of The Lucky Plumber

Luiggi got another service call to fix a couple's toilet. Upon arriving he meets this interesting intergenerational copule. He is 70 she is 25. After a few instructions the plumber gets to work, grandpa and his GF go to the bedroom to make love. She is really something. Ismael is a hot Latino Daddy who loves to eat pussy and fuck younger girls. When the plumber comes down to report the problem, they both get turned on and Luiggi joins the party. Luciana is flattered that they both wanted her pussy and starts sucking the plumber giant cock while grandpa keeps fucking her. She kept begging for them to fuck her harder and harder. Luiggi explodes with a double cum shot on Luciana's face and tits.

Categories: Big Dick, Daddies in Suits, Group, No condom, Older/Younger, Over 60, White Hair
Details: Nov 11, 2020 31 min
Photo of Ismael
Photo of Luciana Mart
Luciana Mart
Photo of Luiggi

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