Celebrating My Divorce

Photo of Celebrating My Divorce
Photo of Celebrating My Divorce

POP, POP, POP! Hear that? It's Lola, celebrating. First, over getting her divorce. Second, upon knowing she can now spend more time with her lover, Verdi. So, yeah, POP the champagne—and POP out those beautiful tits, lady. Then, daddy, POP that dong of yours out, too. So your girl can POP it in her mouth—and then, where popping it in counts even more! Finally, the big one. When daddy POPS a big load from his big cock on his babe's beauteous backside. Thus the celebration's done. Until next time!

Categories: Big Dick, Big Tits, No condom, Older/Younger, Over 70
Details: Jul 12, 2021 32 min
Photo of Lola
Photo of Verdi

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