Reporting a burglary

Photo of Reporting a burglary
Photo of Reporting a burglary

There are good and bad cops. When you're in trouble, you want a good one. Or do you need a really bad one—in the best way? Kittie, who just had her backpack stolen, knows she needs an honorable man in uniform's help. But what she gets upon reporting this wrongdoing to hot Cesar is a policeman with naughty "backpacking" plans of his own. This won't get her stuff in return. But it's almost worth the crime—for the stuffing she does get!

Categories: Big Dick, Big Tits, Hairy, No condom, Older/Younger, Over 60, Uniform, White Hair
Details: Oct 14, 2022 29 min
Photo of Cesar Roma
Cesar Roma
Photo of Kittie

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