Cheating Wife

Photo of Cheating Wife
Photo of Cheating Wife

How does a man deal with a wife who can't keep other men's cocks out of her holes? If you're a smart and sexy man like Yul, you'll go the "if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em" route. In this case, when (not if) your wife, Anita, decides she wants another man's dick, you want it, too. Because, well, two can play that "use me like a hole" threeway game—and the two do, with Verdi's big ol' daddy dick, as a married pair who happily share and hornily share alike!

Categories: Group, Older/Younger
Details: Jul 23, 2023 26 min
Photo of Ana Touche
Ana Touche
Photo of Verdi
Photo of Yul

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