Happy Birthday My Love

Photo of Happy Birthday My Love
Photo of Happy Birthday My Love

Dalina wanted to make her hubby's birthday memorable by doubling up her gift to him. Which began with having him fuck her but then her dildo-fucking him. Which Kalid loves—and what handsome, hairy, masculine dude wouldn't? Meanwhile, since this is about gifting him twice, she brings in monster-dicked Macho to her guy with a real raw cock. What a great wife, right, guys? Indeed, this was a celebration the birthday man—make that bottom boy—wouldn't soon forget!

Categories: Big Tits, Group, No condom, Older/Younger, Over 60
Details: Sep 25, 2023 23 min
Photo of Dalina
Photo of Kaled
Photo of Macho Mattia
Macho Mattia

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