How to Fuck A Macho

Photo of How to Fuck A Macho
Photo of How to Fuck A Macho

It is not often that a woman (or man) gets the chance to have sex with such a perfect stud as Macho Mattila. Consequently, when the opportunity comes to service this muscled, handsome daddy and his enormous cock, you must bring your best to bed. Which is exactly what Dalina does. She knows this is the time to spread one's self open literally and figuratively like a handbook on how to fuck, and to be closed only when the man is done fucking. End of story.

Categories: Big Dick, Big Tits, No condom, Older/Younger, Over 60
Details: Nov 27, 2023 26 min
Photo of Dalina
Photo of Macho Mattia
Macho Mattia

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